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We are straight talking and honest (unlike most sales people you'll be thinking) but that's why we get results which makes people and companies trust us. We won't say things just to make you happy and think ''isn't this lovely''. We will tell you exactly what image your company portrays to the users/ how your staff are selling, what they are doing well and what they aren't. If the sales processes work or are you missing vital area's because that is why people use us.

SalesFlow helps SME businesses improve sales, understand the sales cycle and how to create more opportunities. We have a massive passion for sales and the knowledge to back it up. Not everyone in business enjoys selling even though it is pivotal to all businesses to grow. This is our area of expertise and we want to help. So, whether you are:

  • Struggling with creating Opportunities?

  • Staff are nervous/ worried of selling?

  • Staff are not sure what questions to ask?

  • Staff are not closing opportunities after you were certain companies/people would buy

  • Staff members have changed roles and need extra support and training

Don't worry these are completely normal scenario's in a business environment. If everything was perfect life would be easy and we would all at home with families, on the golf course or holidaying all year around.

The good news is there is an answer and solution and we can help get you back on track and ensure that your business will flourish and grow with the right input.

It is worth considering a consultation with US just to broach the subjects that you feel could be enhanced and to see if we can offer any advice or help.

Please read on for further information on area's we can consider or go to the 'contact ' page to call us today.

What Services do we offer?

There are 3 main areas we can help with:

While some people may naturally have an extroverted ”Sales Personality” which makes them a perfect fit for a career in sales, there are many different types of people . Effective selling is a skill that must be developed. Sales Training can increase confidence and enable everyone to succeed if they practice and are open to learning.

Proper sales training is important for numerous reasons:

  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Learning Sales Metholodgy
  • Developing Admin Skills

Having the right Sales Process in place will ensure the sales are natural for both the sales person and the customer. There is a journey the customer needs to go on and there are processes you can put in place at any business to make this a formality rather than just going with the flow and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. To improve results and drive the business forward we will analyse your current setup and adjust accordingly. The bigger the business the more focus this needs.


1. Product Knowledge

2. Prospecting

3. Approach

4. Needs Assessment

5. Presentation

6. Close

7. Follow-up

When the Walt Disney Co. was created in 1923, it had a simple vision. The company wanted to be the “world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.” Furthermore, it sought to “develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.”
The core ideology of Disney was to “bring happiness to millions.” It achieved that mission by imprinting magical and inspiring experiences on children that stuck around well into their adulthood. Disney’s vision has led it to be one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world for almost a century.
The important thing here is that Disney’s success has come from the power of its vision. A company’s success depends on having a solid vision for the future — and employing an engaged team that is dedicated to making that vision a reality. A clear vision statement helps companies run more efficiently because it keeps everyone on the same page.
To achieve this vision, employees need to strongly align with their company’s values and mission. Gallup’s 2016 report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live, found that only 40 percent of millennial employees surveyed felt strongly connected to their company’s mission. This disconnect is sure to cause a lack of direction and create listless employees disengaged from their work.

There are many ways we can help you but here are a few to give you a flavour:


1. Reinforce the company vision by tying it to team and individual goals.

2. Promote the company vision by always making sure it’s visible.

3. Share success stories that realise the company vision.


Achievers’ 2015 North America Workforce report found that 60 percent of employees didn’t know their company’s vision. This is alarming considering the positive impact a vision statement has on the workforce.
Use storytelling to share your vision statement with employees. This is especially effective when companies share their employees’ success stories with the entire team.