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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get help with just training staff?

Yes, this is our core business. We can help individuals or teams improve with dedicated training for a big impact directly on sales results

We are only a small team can you still help?

Typically, we can help companies with up to 250 staff members but we have worked with start-up businesses and given them a great platform to grow and helped stop some of the growing pains companies have as they start to expand. Having the correct processes in place from the beginning makes life easy.

I don’t want anyone to find out I’m using a sales consultant as they may think I’m struggling as a business?

Some of our biggest successes are with thriving businesses. We may be bought in to train up staff, introduce new products to the company and how to sell them efficiently, improve process or just align the company vision and message. It’s a positive thing for your business as you are thinking about the future and improving. No one wants to be out of spiralling out of control as you grow?

Will you come to our business or we come to you?

Great question and depends what you are looking for. Preferably we would like to come in and see how you operate, understand fully all processes and how the sales cycle is operating in your business. Some people on the other hand prefer discretion of the initial meeting whilst you are gathering information before you decide what direction you’re taking as a business. Please call anytime to discuss your options in full.