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Sales is the most important part of any business to ensure growth. Investing in getting the Sales Processes right, Training Staff to a high level to maximise closing business and keeping the business message consistant are key.



As a small business with a passion for sales we want to help you. At the end of the day your success is our success so we are going to do everything within our power to help you succeed.


Our job is to help you create as many opportunities as possible with your current resource. The more people that know about your business products/services, the more chance you have of selling. We have multiple channels and ideas to draw from which we will use to create new and exciting opportunities for your business.


Having sold to over 300 other SME businesses we feel we know well how the sales cycle works, best approaches for different scenarios and a lot of experience at multiple levels. Customers from 1-man bands to multi-million pound organisations which need different styles to make an impact.


Using SalesFlow Consulting to train members of staff can be a very cost-effective way of improving results. These results will be lifelong to the business and can turn staff from being a drain on resource to in the future providing expertise to other staff members.


Some companies will spend money hiring a member of staff only to find out that they are not quite up to the job after hours, days, months of investment and training. With SalesFlow Consulting you get what you pay for. We will work together with you to find the weak areas of the business and improve results with implementing processes, training, a fresh pair of eyes and maximising current resource.


You can decide the package you take with us. Set days a month, a week block or sporadic project work depending on what fits in with you. You may feel a few days initially will give you a feel for how we work together and how we can progress after that.

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